GACFE College Chapter Challenge Program

                  Are You Ready? Set... GO!!!

       With an Opportunity For Your Chapter and For You to Capitalize
      Upon The Secret to True Success in College and after graduation
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And what is that secret. Read on...

Dear student,

Attending college is a given in our society. Wouldn't you agree? And creating a fullfilling college
experience by joining campus clubs is important, because it affords you the student, an
opportunity to learn about teamwork, leadership, and networking with your college peers. It also
teaches you how to budget your time effectively in life. Therefore, being involved in extracurricular
affairs is very important, because it shows an employer that you are a go getter and that you strive
to go above and beyond!


But what if there was an opportunity for you to go even further and get a leg up in this
competitive work market, in ways that many college students cannot. Would that interest you?

" Expand Your Horizons NOW by Networking with Post Grads Who
                   Are Established Professionals in The Anti-Fraud Industry..."



And why is this so important? It's important for several reasons.

                                      1. You are presently networking just with your college peers.
                           However, your peers may be your friends, but they are
                           not potential employers. Would you agree with that?


                                      2. Many professionals in life fail to network until it's too late.
                           What this means is they wait until they get laid off and then
                           scramble their way into doing what they should have done all along.


                                      3. Additionally, many people simply do not know how to effectively
and become nervous when having to meet new people.


That is why through the Chapter Challenge program, you as an ACFE student chapter member are
afforded various underlying opportunities. Quite frankly though, it depends upon what you to make
of these opportyunities. Translation...
your success is dependent upon what you put into this
.There's no simpler way to explain this. And yes, we'll show you how to capitalize on this
program - So you won't be left in the dark.


                     " So What is That We Afford You That No Other State Chapter
                                            in The United States Does ..."


  • Guidance/mentorship from committee and board members
    in con-junction with your faculty advisor. Gain access to professionals
    who already work in forensic related fields.

  • Targeted professional networking. Get noticed and get the inside track
    from established professionals on our committee, board, and statewide

  • Expand your social networks through intra collegiate chapter peer
    competition (Translation:  Meet new friends…  FUN!).

  • Develop your team building and leadership skills through student
    chapter and volunteer activities that will serve as great talking points
    during a job interview or on your resume.

  • Resume Review and Career Coaching We can review your resume,
    and potentially link you to a professional in a career that you aspire
    to be in, as well as open doors for you to internship opportunities.

And what would you say if we were to tell you that you can do this all at the same time while
being a member of your campus ACFE college chapter
? Yes, that's correct! So, you can
kill two birds with one stone and get the biggest bang for your buck. How? By expanding your
horizons on both fronts - your college campus and your future working world - whether it will
be the private or government sector.


                                             " Ok, But How Does My College Chapter Benefit
                                                        from This Progam..."


We're glad you asked. The answer lies in...

  • Recognition through a statewide venue that will not only bring your
    chapter attention to statewide employers, but to your school as well.

  • More than that, let's not forget about the chapter financial awards that
    we will dole out to chapters who have exceeded in our program.

The awards, number of points to attain for awards, and monetary amounts in our chapter
challenge program are as follows:


One of Two Awards Are Given to Chapters

They are...

  • The Chapter of Excellence Award - $500     
    Chapter Points Needed = 300

  • The Chapter of Distinction Award - $200   

       Chapter Points Needed = 200

                          All awards are presented at our December holiday luncheon

      So that's our program in a nutshell. We hope we have provided you an informed high level overview of

what you and your chapter can achieve through this program. For more information, please

contact our Chapter Challenge Program Director and Student Affairs Associate Director,
Megan Dix, CPA.

                         Please check our News Section Below for Updates and Announcements


August / September Chapter Challenge Contest

WIN 50 CHAPTER BONUS POINTS! This contest starts on 8/24 and ends on 9/25

The following contest is intended solely for pre- existing college ACFE chapters who are participating in our College Chapter program. Between 8/24 and 9/25, the college ACFE chapter that recruits for  the most amount of attendees to our Fraud Investigations Career Day will win an extra 50 chapter bonus points. Please remember, the rules of this program also dictate that the registrants must actually attend the career fair day. Our goal isn't simply to get students registered and not show up. So yes, it is feasible if another college chapter comes in second place with number of registrants, but actually has more registrants who show up at the event, can win this particular contest.

Also, please keep in mind to remind students that you recruit, to answer the question on the registration form that your ACFE chapter recruited them, and or inform us at the ACFE table on the day of the fair of this information. Otherwise, your chapter will not get any credit.

                                                                        So come on and get busy!


ATTN: Wanted Volunteers for Sept. 8th

15 BONUS POINTS  per student.

We are seeking up to two student volunteers to assist with our registration table at our upcoming network and lunch meet on Friday September 8th. The committment is only for one to two hours, between 11:15 and 1:00 p.m. So imagine, two students from the same chapter equates to 30 points (15 per volunteer) for your chapter that month. And all you have to devote is 1-2 hours. We also have another monthly networking luncheon in October (TBD) which we will need volunteers for as well. We need only up to a max of two students per event. Now how easy is that?

Lastly, we are looking for 5-7 volunteers to assist at our annual conference on November 9th. We need assistants for our registration table and for ushers. Volunteering at this event gives you 20 points per student! 5 students from one chapter = 100 points!

If interested, please email us at:

New gacfe students and chapters

This section highlights all new GACFE students and chartered chapters

For every college student that registers as a GACF student member, the following benefits apply: (1) Student discounted pricing for monthly lunch and network events; (2) student discount pricing on annual GACFE conference/seminar; (3) acces to panel resume review and internship referral program; (4) chapter challenge points awarded to student's chapter for registering as student GACFE member

Recent Student Members:
  • Christine Gregory of the Mercer University College Chapter - September 2017
Up and Coming Chapters:
  • Valdosta University (pending)

What other Ways can your chapter earn points?

There are Always Opportunities to Earn Chapter Points

We suggest for you to always refer to your matrix report for ideas on how to earn chapter points. It's not difficult.
Many of the points your chapter can earn are based already upon activities you're already doing with your chapter.
All you have to do is report them them to us. But if you need help, we're always an email away.