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The role of the Georgia Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (GACFE) student affairs committee is to assist and mentor Georgia
college students who are interested in pursuing careers as future anti-fraud professionals.  This initiative stems from a desire to give back,
educate, and afford the networking, and mentoring opportunities to students in ways that we may have never had back in college
ourselves.Our committee volunteers come from the private and government sectors.  The one thing they all share in addition to being
professional fraud fighters, is they are all committed to mentoring the future fraud investigators and examiners of tomorrow.


Our committee volunteers come from the private and government sectors. The one thing they all share in addition to being professional
fraud fighters, is they are all committed to mentoring the future fraud investigators and examiners of tomorrow.


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Fraud Investigations & Examination Annual Career Fair


Each year during the fall season, the GACFE sponsors an annual career fair designed to educate aspiring anti-fraud professionals about
the vast career opportunities available between the private and government sectors.  Professionals from all walks of life come to speak at
our events as either presenters or panelists. They range from federal and state agencies, as well as Fortune 500 companies.  If you are
interested in seeking a career as an anti-fraud investigative or examination professional, you cannot afford to miss this annual event.


  •   "Worth the drive and money!  Great Experience!" 
        Lindsey Morton, Georgia Southern University                          
  •   "I really enjoyed the abundance in content"     
    Rico Weiland, Augusta University
  •   "This was great!  I am impressed.  It was worth the 4 hour drive"
    Diane Isibor, Valdosta State University
  •    "Everything went well.  I had a fabulous time"
    Pamela Trent, Trine University


                            For information on this year’s Fraud Investigations Career Fair



GACFE College Scholarship Program

For The Fraud Fighters of Tomorrow

 As the world's largest anti-fraud organization and the premier provider of anti-fraud training and
 education, the ACFE and its more than 65,000 members, strive to reduce business fraud on
a global scale.The Association is also committed to the education of college students who will become the Certified Fraud
Examiners (CFEs) of tomorrow.

On a state level, the Georgia Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (GACFE) sponsors monthly meetings
and an annual seminar to provide continuing education in fraud detection, deterrence, and prevention. The proceeds from our
annual seminar are used
to fund this scholarship program for Ga. College students.  At the end of each year, the GACFE
awards a number of scholarships to Georgia college students ranging between $500 to $2,000 per student. 

The Scholarship application for fall 2017 will be available on August 1, 2017




Volunteers and New Chapters WANTED

College Students: 

The Student Affairs Committee is always seeking motivated and outgoing young professionals.  It doesn’t matter whether your major
is in accounting, criminal justice, finance, business management, or pre-law.  If your desire is to enter the anti-fraud industry, and
would like to serve not only the anti-fraud industry, but also give back to the college community through education and professional
networking opportunities for yourself and your peers, than you came to the right place. 

Joining a Current College ACFE Chapter

Understand that we recruit student volunteers to become Fraud Education Coordinators through existing ACFE college chapters. 
Don't have a chapter on your campus? No problem, just read on. But if there is a chapter on your campus, we encourage you to
join them first, as you will then receive an opportunity at becoming a Fraud Education Coordinator or possibly even a Fraud
Education Team Leader
with us. But why should you join your college chapter and us? Read on....

4 Reasons Why You Should Join our State Chapter as a Student

We also encourage you to join our state chapter as a registered student member. Your student membership will afford you:

  • Access to monthly educational and important networking opportunities with professionals right here in Georgia.
  • Access to potential internship and entry level job positions in the ani-fraud industry
  • Review of your resume and LinkedIn profile by our committee and or board
  • By becoming a member of your campus chapter and the state chapter, your resume will POP, and imagine
    the talking points you will have for your next job interview!

To become a registered student member, just click here now.

"But I don't have a college ACFE chapter on my campus.." - Just Keep reading

Current College ACFE Chapters:
Here are our current Ga. college ACFE chapters

Students, Need More Information on Getting Involved? 

For our Getting Involved Student Flyer

No ACFE chapter on your campus? No worries, read this flyer


Students & Faculty.Think the ACFE isn't for you? Think again...


                                                                                          College Faculty: 

As a faculty member, you are already in a great position.  Coupled with classroom lectures, what better way is there to have
students grow into their careers then through educational and networking venues that expand what is learned in the classroom.
We can do that together with you, by introducing you in becoming faculty advisor to a new ACFE campus chapter.  We would help
and guide you in organizing the chapter, which really isn't all that difficult. But maybe you have already been asked to consider
this role by a student already. Whatever the circumstances, if you would like to afford students an opportunity to seize a chance
at their future career enhancement, then....


for more information as a faculty employee

Post Grad Professionals - VOLUNTEERS:

Would You Like to Change The Future...

If you said yes, then know that you can. Because as a post grad professional who is already in the anti-fraud industry, your background, education, and experience are vital in the effort at imparting knowledge and advice to the new generation of anti-fraud fighters.  Plus, would you like to know how volunteering with us benefits your career?  If you are curious, then....

if you are interested in seeking a volunteer position



                                     May 2017


  • On May 9th the Student Affairs Committee spoke with Dr. Richard Wright, Chair of Georgia State
    University's Criminal Justice Department
    . Dr. Wright, who also serves as the faculty advisor for the
    GSU College ACFE chapter, spoke about the value that the ACFE brings to the field of Criminal Justice.
    He also spoke about the opportunities that Criminal Justice students and other students can seize upon
    through their involvement with the ACFE on a national, state and college campus level.


                                    April 2017

  • The Student Affairs Committee visited and conducted a recruiting presentation for the Mercer
    University ACFE College Chapter's School Stetson School of Business and Economics.
    The presentation was for purposes of recruiting additional members and officers for the Mercer
    University College ACFE chapter.

    March 2017
  • Once again this year, the GACFE served as a sponsor for the 2017 Augusta University
    Case Competition presented by the Hull College of Business. Amy Richardson,
    Communications Secretary from the newly formed ACFE student chapter at Augusta
    University assisted the local Institute of Internal Auditors in planning the Case Competition.
    Cora Gwinn and Remy Lucas, President and Vice President of the ACFE Chapter, took
    2nd place in the event. Click here for pictures of the event. Way to go & great job!

  • In March 2017 we conducted an interview of some of the officers of the
    Augusta University ACFE College Chapter. See what they had to say about
    how they overcame some of the challenges when they started their college
    chapter. More importantly, hear what they had to say about the rewards they
    are reaping from being involved with the ACFE on a college campus level and
    through the state chapter.

  • Fraud: An Unsavory Group - authored by Kathleen Boyd, Associate Director Internal 
    Audit, Augusta University / GACFE Board Member and Co-Chair Student Affairs

    February 2017
  • In February 2017 the Student Affairs Committee commenced a new program called
    the Annual Chapter Challenge Award Program. The program is designed to work hand
    in hand with college ACFE capters in:
    Obtaining guidance/mentorship in conjunction
    with faculty advisors; enhance networking opportunities for respective student members;
    instilling intra collegiate chapter peer competition; i
    nstilling team work initiative amongst
    student members and volunteers.