Welcome To The GACFE Scholarship Page Where...

         ...we Offer a Non Traditional and Practical Scholarship
      That Saves You $1,000 and Provides You a Distinctive

          The Georgia Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners sponsors monthly meetings and an annual seminar
          to provide
continuing education in fraud detection, deterrence, and prevention. The proceeds of the annual seminar are used
          to fund our scholarship program which in 2019 will focus on providing financial assistance to fraud porfessionals in becoming
Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs). Since CFEs can make a tremendous impact in protecting an organization's bottom line,
          our goal is to assist you
in attaining your certification with the most respected professional certification available in the anti-
          fraud industry. Not to mention the fact that there are
various benefits to you in becoming a CFE.


            In 2019...

The GACFE expects to award a number of CFE Professional Scholarships this year that will provide applicants
fully funded
FREE CFE Exam Prep Courses. That represents a savings of nearly $1,000 to you in becoming a CFE !

Scholarships will be awarded to persons currently employed full time in the fraud examination and investigative fields
(private or government sectors). The scholarships will be awarded at the December 2019 GA ACFE meeting and holiday
luncheon. Candidates who are elgible to participate can come from any area of the anti-fraud profession to include...


  • Law Enforcement
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Risk management
  • Information Security Technology                                                         
  • Audit
  • Law
  • Private Investigations
  • Any Other (must relate to fraud investigations/examination

To complete the CFE Scholarship application, please fill out the application via the link below and email your entire packet, application and scanned documents to careeraffairs@gacfe.org. There is a link that will direct you to our instructions page as well. Please note that you will need to show proof of eligibility by attaching the following enclosures:


  1. Proof of Ga. State Residency
  2. Proof that you are currently employed in the public or private sector for at least two years and that your job duties relate
    to fraud examination and investigations *
  3. Two letters of recommendation from your employer, one being from a supervisor or manager *
  4. Proof of military service (DD-214 or other official document; if applicable)
  5. Copy of College or University Degree
  6. Resume or Biographical summary*
  7. Complete a 300-500 word essay via the GACFE scholarship application explaining why you deserve the scholarship to
    enroll in the CFE Exam prep course and how becoming a CFE would enhance your career and your organization's fraud
    deterrence goals.

NOTE: CFE Scholarship Applications will be accepted between August 15 to October 15.
Deadline for all completed appplications is October 15, 2019.

No late applications will be accepted.


Applicants will be scored by the scholarship committee based upon a rubric that takes into consideration:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Professional accomplishments
  • Professional and volunteer organization membership
  • Military Service (if applicable)
  • Your essay



Instructions for Scholarship Applications and link to CFE Scholarship Application:


  • Please read all instructions prior to applying.
  • Download application below





Please scan and email all scholarship components together in one email to: careeraffairs@gacfe.org 


For additional information contact:

Georgia Chapter, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc.

Attn: Douglas Legg - Chairman of Career Affairs Committee at: careeraffairs@gacfe.org