From the President

Hello and welcome to our website...

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all our members, I would like to welcome you to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). The ACFE is comprised of nearly 85,000 global members dedicated to educating and training today’s and tomorrow’s fraud fighters. Our chapter, together with our statewide members and together with the ACFE, aim to mitigate fraud from a business and personal perspective. How do we do this? We do this through the mediums of education, training, as well as professional networking, of which the latter serves to benefit your career wise and work wise. For the latest news of what we're doing, click here.

Each month throughout the year, our chapter features a guest speaker from either the private or government sector who educates our members on certain anti-fraud topics and investigative trends.  Additionally, each November we offer an annual all-day seminar where you could earn up to 9 hours of CPE from specially selected speakers covering the most up-to-date fraud topics.  Our monthly meetings, which amount to 10 each year, are held generally the first Friday of each month at noon (registration begins at 11:30 am).  We meet at the Ansley Golf Club located at 196 Montgomery Ferry Drive, Atlanta, 30309.

For a schedule of our upcoming events, please check out our
events page, and for some of the latest news of what we're up to, please visit our news page
As President of the Georgia Chapter of the ACFE, I highly encourage you to attend our next meeting and see for yourself what we are all about. 

In the meantime, allow me to highlight the three most important reasons current anti-fraud professionals and those who are exploring
a career in fraud fighting here in Georgia join the GACFE…


  1. Extensive Networking:  Build a powerful network of peers by attending our monthly meetings.  You will develop contacts in
    the industry, business, government, academia, and with various fraud prevention specialists.

  2. Industry-Specific Knowledge:  Get the most up-to-date information and knowledge through ACFE's bimonthly magazine,
    Fraud Magazine.  You will also receive monthly issues of Fraud Examiner, the member e-newsletter.

  3. Quality Education:  Get the best information available on a wide variety of fraud topics from the industry's leading experts
    by attending the Georgia Chapter meetings, events sponsored by the ACFE as well as the national Annual ACFE Fraud
    Conference & Exhibition.


The above three reasons spell out why we as your state chapter, aim to empower you and your career to become today’s next
generation of up and coming fraud fighting professionals.  My hope is that you will consider becoming a part of the ACFE and our
state chapter.  Please contact me or any member of our Board for more information. Our contact information is shown in the contact
section of our website.

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you and
we look forward to seeing you soon!


Bruno Pavlicek, Ph.D., CFE 
Georgia Chapter, ACFE