Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits + Investigating on the Internet

Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits | February 1, 2016
Atlanta, GA
Investigating on the Internet | February 2-3, 2016
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA - Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits
The potential for fraud is not solely an internal threat; the businesses that provide an organization with goods and services can engage in fraudulent behavior as well. One of the ways to mitigate these external risks is to establish a contractual right-to-audit in purchasing and other vendor contracts. Auditing vendors and suppliers can be a critical fraud deterrent and detection device for management to ensure they are being treated equitably and are not victims of fraud. 
The ACFE Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits seminar is a one-day course designed to explain how to develop a solid foundation for vendor audits; how to identify which vendors to target; how to prepare for a vendor audit; how to identify, gather, and audit relevant vendor documentation; and what common vendor fraud schemes to look for.

Atlanta, GA - Investigating on the Internet
Are you using online resources in your internal and external investigations to your best advantage? Presented in non-technical terms, Investigating on the Internet: Research Tools for Fraud Examiners will teach you how to use the Internet to find and follow leads and make your fraud examinations more effective. 
With a better understanding of the information available online, you can increase the efficiency and success of your fraud examinations. In this seminar, you will learn how to locate evidence online using search engines, commercial databases and social-networking sites. This seminar will also discuss methods for researching foreign corporate records and various techniques for optimizing online searches, including advanced search functions and alternative search engines with unique features that might improve search quality.
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