Georgia Chapter - ACFE 2011 Meeting Schedule

This is the GACFE 2011 full year schedule. Dates and descriptions are subject to change.

The GACFE 2011 tenative schedule. To register to attend an event go to the Events tab and click on Upcoming Events or click on the link in the Month column below.


 Day  Location   Description 
January   No Meeting  
February 4 Ansley ·          Joint Meeting with IIA (3 hours)
March 4 Maggiano’s ·          Ansley under construction and not available ·          Breakfast meeting
April 1 Ansley

·          Ansley under construction and normal room not available (smaller room )

·          Focus on scholarships 
May 2 Turner Field

·          ACFE 2-day seminar (Investigating on the Internet) is May 2-3

·          No meeting on May 6 (Friday) Brave’s social event evening of 2-day

·          Student Day expect large crowd

·          Braves vs. Brewers at Turner Field

·          More to come on Pricing
June 3 Ansley ·          No specific discussions
July 8 Ansley ·          Skip first week due to Holiday
August 5 Ansley ·          Scholarship award winners recognized
September 9 Ansley ·          Skip first week due to Holiday
October 20-21 The Loews(tentative) ·          Annual seminar (8 hours)
November 11 Ansley ·          Short time between seminar and meeting – No specific discussions
December 2 Ansley ·          Annual Holiday Lunch 5 Cans or $5